Programme - ASA Residence

Summit of healthy energy

Our four-day package promotes a lot of outdoor activity in the fresh karstic air, organic food, restful sleep and quality education.

Experience truffle hunting

Experience adrenaline through all the senses. A combination of stunning location, genuine nature and truffle hunting with an experienced truffle expert, where all the senses work when a jewel is discovered.

Time for new energy

Relax your body and mind in the embrace of fragrant flowers, peace and energy in the orchard that will quickly relax and energize you.

The king and the queen

A royal suite like no other in the world. Its dizzying size of 200 m2 provides a luxury that cannot be described in words, as our guests from all over the world have told us, who have enjoyed a royal break for two.

Fairytale wedding

Smooth scent of beautiful roses, down to the table details and other delicate details that will crown your love – this is a boutique wedding that is only possible at the ASA residence of 1784.

Spend a quality time with your wife and children

Most important in your life is the family, love, nature in the spirit of positive values. In addition to exploring the Karst landscapes, it is a very peaceful evening with good local eco food and drinks.

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Asa Residence promises an unforgettable vacation for all those who want and need something more.


Pamper Yourself

Enjoy a healthy and quality pampering at Asa Residence.

Active Holidays

Spend an active holiday in a green environment.

For Foodies

Embark on a culinary journey between local ingredients and pamper yourself.

Unique Opportunities

A fairy tale location for unique events.