Fairytale wedding - ASA Residence

Fairytale wedding

Smooth scent of beautiful roses, down to the table details and other delicate details that will crown your love – this is a boutique wedding that is only possible at the ASA residence of 1784.

Exchange your rings in the middle of the magical Karst landscape and seal your wedding with a kiss underneath ancient chestnut or at the Astral and Sky energy points. Fall in love with the sky of a thousand stars that will light up your wedding dance.

A boutique wedding for up to thirty guests is the most beautiful wedding fairy tale.

Gold program

Friday afternoon: arrival, accommodation and divine relax in a jacuzzi and sauna, then candlelight dinner and seasonal massage for two.
Saturday: Love breakfast with eco delicacies, start preparations in a relaxed atmosphere, stress-free and headache-free, followed by a magical wedding ceremony to your liking and a delicious wedding with a dream wedding menu with selected dishes and wine.
Sunday: break lunch.


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