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Time To Pamper Yourself

ASA Residence with its possibilities for pampering your body and soul works on the principle of healthy spirit in a healthy body. Our wellness room with aromatherapy sauna, health massages and unique api therapy, is fully restored in the traditional landscape style and will definitely be a place you will not want to leave.

However, if the green nature surroundings still tempt you, there is also an outdoor massage pool for 6 people in the outer part of our residence, as well as a large well with natural water, so you can feel the true power of nature. Because we are in a unique location embraced by green nature, you can also treat yourself to rest on an adaptable farm cart, shaded by native figs and ancient mulberries. You can also relax while walking along neat trails, in the freshness of authentic nature, close to numerous pets.

Even if you stay with us for a long time, there are no health concerns. Our location enables permanent connection with the Sežana Hospital, which offers comprehensive medical examinations and specialist treatment options for our guests; from cardiologist, pulmonologist, psychologist, to dialysis. Since we are also adding value to your needs in the area of health, we provide special treatment in the pit for stress and lung diseases and asthma.

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Asa Residence promises an unforgettable vacation for all those who want and need something more.


Pamper Yourself

Enjoy a healthy and quality pampering at Asa Residence.

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Spend an active holiday in a green environment.

For Foodies

Embark on a culinary journey between local ingredients and pamper yourself.

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A fairy tale location for unique events.