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Unique Opportunities

ASA Residences offers you an idyllic experience in an exceptional natural environment. With sophisticated style and fine detail, Asa residence is suitable for a variety of unique occasions, ranging from personal events such as weddings and wedding trips or wedding breaks to various collaborations with creatives, entrepreneurs and creators.

A wedding fairy tale or when we do not set boundaries to make your wishes come true

ASA Residence’s guiding principle in creating a unique and unforgettable wedding experience is, above all, the enjoyment of the carefree care offered to the bride and groom. With the focus on details, we are happy to pamper the bride and groom on their special day, as well as prepare the surroundings, the wedding program and all the other little things that will forever save your day in loving memory.

A boutique wedding fairy tale is made possible by our traditional architecture dating back to 1784 and is complemented with details that will tie your wedding into a beautiful fairy tale. We do not set boundaries for the fulfillment of your wishes and, recognising the importance of the day, we satisfy every wish you may have. Be it a romantic chariot, a chosen old car, a horse-drawn hedgehog, live music, a wedding under the blue sky, top-notch culinary-themed content, etc.

Wedding couple ASA Residence Private Wedding Villa Kras Slovenia

A Fantastic Location For Filming And Storytelling

With the authentic image of our residence and surroundings, we are also a magnet for different filming and storytelling by different creators. In the past, various commercials and videos and many postcards have already been recorded here. We have partnered with the renowned French Chavroux Cheese Factory, Spanish medical device makers, Dutch cooking television 24Kitchen and many more…

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Asa Residence promises an unforgettable vacation for all those who want and need something more.


Pamper Yourself

Enjoy a healthy and quality pampering at Asa Residence.

Active Holidays

Spend an active holiday in a green environment.

For Foodies

Embark on a culinary journey between local ingredients and pamper yourself.

Unique Opportunities

A fairy tale location for unique events.