Cela Hiša-Whole House

Cela Hiša-Whole House
Visnki Klet
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Welcome to Villa ASA – a Unique World of Natural Beauty

The Villa ASA Energy Park is an exclusive residence for VIP stays, offering luxurious and unique services tailored to your wishes. On the property, you will have the chance to enjoy privacy and tranquillity and build a genuine connection with nature. Generations have taken care of this Karst beauty built in 1784, keeping in mind every little detail in its restorations up to 2019. Once-in-a-lifetime getaway, a special occasion, or a business stay – Villa ASA is here to help you create lasting memories, no matter the occasion. The luxurious 5-star villa in the heart of the Karst landscape is a place of exceptional glamour and top-notch hospitality – perfect for creating unforgettable moments.

Our virtues

Villa ASA provides first-class service, best summarized in the following six distinctive features of the property:

Energy for your body and soul

Walking into the Villa’s extensive energy park will instantly make you feel overcome with an unexplainable surge of positive energy. You can explore the power of energy points in depth or simply relax in the pristine nature listening to birds chirping.

Become one with nature

Taking care of your body and mind is of utmost importance, and you can easily do that while connecting with nature and enjoying Villa ASA’s full service. Observe the nature around you, listen to the sound of birds, and watch the animals on the property. Sometimes that is enough to feel recharged. Thanks to the natural symphony of the ambience, you will start a new day feeling refreshed and revitalized. Well – some merit goes to the high-quality king-size beds with memory foam toppers.

Unique natural stone pool

This extraordinary natural-stone pool, filled with chlorine-free water rich in minerals, will revitalize and refresh your body.

An energizing welcome after a long journey

The hosts treat every guest like their best friend, and there is no better sign of appreciation than food! They draw ideas for their meals from the local environment: the Karst air and soil are truly inspiring. Get ready to taste the Karst prosciutto and Teran wine as soon as you arrive.

Authentic local cuisine all day long

Villa ASA goes hand in hand with authentic local cuisine, and the hosts will spoil you with delicious food from morning to night. They grow most of the ingredients by themselves, following biodynamic methods, and buy the rest from local farmers. Tasty home cooking, rooted in nature and life in the countryside, reflects the Zero Kilometre guidelines focusing exclusively on seasonal flavours.

Friendly and welcoming hosts

Kind, cheerful, positive, and professional hosts are here to make sure that pure pleasure is the only thing on your agenda. They can adapt to any given situation: they will happily welcome you into their daily routine or let you peacefully bask in the sun…And you will especially love their exquisite homemade food.