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A New Dimension of Luxury in the Heart of Karst

In the Slovenian Karst, home to prosciutto and Teran wine, the beautiful Villa ASA Residence expands over 2 hectares of land. It is a place for exclusive pampering. The villa measures 750 m2 and is surrounded by 3,000 m2 of fenced flower park. ASA will convince anyone who appreciates elegance and authenticity, would like to relax and enjoy refined local flavours while spending time in close contact with nature. The property, arranged with warmth and love, just begs for a stopover! The antique villa dates back to 1784 and boasts three separate cosy accommodation units, furnished with custom-made pieces. Quality is of utmost importance: solid oak wood and walnut roots are here to tell stories embedded in farmhouse floors, steps, windows, doors, and decorative furniture. The interior and exterior of the villa look truly sophisticated. The elegant style of the ambiance blends perfectly with the natural, rural surroundings, emitting the feeling of charming authenticity and calmness. The Villa ASA’s greatest asset is its spacious garden with fruit trees, olives, roses, and herbs, where you can listen to the sounds of some rare bird species. The quality furnishings of the outdoor kitchen, which includes a grill and a traditional wood-burning stove, accentuate the luxury of al fresco dining. You can completely relax all senses in the Jacuzzi, available for you anytime the sun is out.
Surrender to the natural energy of our environment!

750 m2


20.000 m2






The villa can be rented exclusively in its entirety. The minimum rental period is 3 days. July and August minimum 7 days.

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Royal Comfort in a Stately Suite

 Imagine opening the window on a warm day, breathing in the fresh Karst air, and resting your eyes on a picturesque garden. During the colder days, you can pamper yourself in the wellness room with a sauna and a wooden Kneipp barrel. What could be better than ending the evening in an intimate environment, with fossilised shells of the fireplace revealing the tales of Karst? The strike of the 1860 mantel clock of the Zagreb barons will let you know when it is time to rest on the 2×2 king-size bed with a memory foam mattress. Under the canopy and in the embrace of oak beams, you will wake up to a new day full of energy and optimism. 

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Starry Sky Observatory

Before you look up and let the starry sky seduce you, you can slip into comfortable attire like an absolute star – in the dressing room, which gives the suite a special lavish touch. The suite includes a king-size bed with a memory foam mattress and has an exit to the balcony. The spacious bathroom with magnificent wooden furniture is embellished with tiles created by the world-renowned designer Valentino.

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In Harmony with Nature in a Suite with Garden Access

The romantic suite with a small living area for relaxation will impress you with direct access to the garden, where you can spend a peaceful day in the sun with views of the vineyards. The suite is appropriate for people with mobility impairments, who will have no problem going outdoors to the charming garden. Looking at butterflies, listening to the sound of birds, sitting comfortably on the loungers, and paying tribute to the new day…Sounds good, don’t you agree?

Indoor dining room

Unwind in our exceptional living room! The calming crackling of fire and melodies from the antique radio will quickly make you forget about mundane life. Art lovers will appreciate the unique art piece created by Unesco – an acclaimed painter and restorer of frescos – whose image of a mother and wife adorns the room. The villa’s living room connects to a state-of-the-art fully equipped kitchen and dining room featuring tables made of carefully selected walnut wood and roots. Wooden beams, inseparably connected to other elements in the space, give the feel of a friendly home where local flavours and pleasant company go hand in hand.

Outdoor dining areas

Local gastronomy is essential in hedonism and caring for one’s body and soul. That is why our guests can savour the local flavours precisely where they come from – in the natural environment. Here, you can see us attentively preparing your meals. The outdoor kitchen features a grill and all the necessary utensils to create homemade delights. We are particularly grateful for the favourable Karst weather, which allows us to pamper you with food under the ancient mulberry tree most days of the year.

Wine cellar

For any romantic at heart, we happily prepare an intimate dinner by the fireplace, which brings people closer and perhaps ignites another flame, not only the one burning in the fireplace. We also serve culinary masterpieces in our restored Karst wine cellar, where you can treat yourself to a private party. Sometimes a glass of top-notch wine, laughing, and enjoying good company until the early morning hours is just what you need. After all, this is a peaceful oasis, so there is nothing wrong with spending the next day in bed and relaxing. Don’t worry – the underground does not reveal any secrets. One might say, “What happens in the cellar stays in the cellar.”

Life in the garden

We live in harmony with nature and spend most our days in the flower garden and orchard. We grow our crop following an exclusively biodynamic method. There are almost 200 fragrant roses of ancient varieties growing in our garden.

Befriending the animals

Our garden is also a place for bonding with animals. Every day, our hens lay cholesterol-free eggs, our cat Tarazbulba guards the roof and basement from intruders, and our dog Queeny will watch over you in Villa ASA. She also loves company, so your pets are welcome to come.