Special Offers and Experiences

We will make sure that your getaway is full of unforgettable moments; exciting, relaxing, active, leisurely, gourmet – but always memorable. Here are some packages for your soul and body and advice on how to become one with the Karst world. 

Backdrop for Photos and Videos

Villa ASA Residence is a magical backdrop that appeals to film producers and professional photographers worldwide. The stunning ambiance of villa’s indoor and outdoor areas, the ample garden, vineyards, and other unique spots can transform into diverse film and photography sets. However, producers of cooking, ambient, and travel shows mostly fall in love with the sophisticated home feeling of this Karst estate, which is also known in the fashion industry.
Here are some past collaborations: Psylliox natural dietary supplements, RTV SLO: cooking show “From the Garden to the Table” (Z vrta na mizo), Established French cheese factory Chavroux (commercial filming), Dutch cooking programme 24Kitchen, Mercator: “We love homemade – committed to tradition”, Kras Brand Karst prosciutto.

Small Business Gatherings in an Idyllic Setting

Villa ASA is available for business trips. Whether you need some peace and privacy for finding new creative inspiration, making deals, or simply want to relax outside the office: ASA is waiting for you with full service. Let us take care of culinary pampering, organising unique experiences such as truffle hunting or wine tasting while you can conceive new business ideas, overlooking the pristine nature.

Exclusive Couples Programme

Start living a healthy and happy life. Right now. Stop for a moment. Calm down. Go back to your essence, to your core. Connect with nature and yourself through an exclusive programme in a unique setting with quality service. You will leave feeling different. Fulfilled. Yours. We have created an exclusive private 1-week couples programme in an idyllic venue with 5-star service in the heart of nature. The modern stressful lifestyle requires taking care of yourself in the best way possible. A team of experts from different fields will help you explore your inner world, indulge in nature, replenish your soul, and enjoy the exquisite healthy dishes made with homegrown organic food. Every detail has been thought out. This is an experience you will never forget and will change your mind and body in a way that will become your lifestyle.

A Relaxing Experience for Two

A passionate and loving relationship is key to a meaningful partnership, positively affecting your health and well-being. Leave the daily routine for a few days and focus on sensuality, intimacy, and excitement in our unique programme. Do you fancy a massage by the fire or in the orchard, Kneipping in a wooden barrel with energised water, or the magical world of essential oils and rose petal aromas? This is the right place for you. We will also pamper you with body masks with energised water and mud. Above all, we like to help you enjoy each other’s company in complete peace and with healthy homemade food. The fire of passion will quickly ignite when you are relaxed and rested.

Regain Your Strength and Improve Your Health

Would you like to recharge your batteries and improve your well-being? Choose the Crown of Healthy Energy package and trust the experts. During the four-day programme, you will get plenty of exercise in the fresh Karst air, eat only high-quality organic homegrown food and let yourself feel the powerful relaxing energy. We will wait for you with a Karst-style welcome: with prosciutto, Teran and olives dried in the Karst wind. Each day will start with morning exercises for relaxing energy flows. We will prepare a refreshing breakfast, and you will have more than enough time to enjoy it. Then, a renowned energy medicine practitioner will take you to the energy park and help you discover the energy points. You will find out about stone shepherds’ huts and learn to build a dry-stone wall – a landscape’s special feature included on UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Energised water will accompany you throughout your journey. Your dinner, embodying the principle of self-sufficiency and seasonal ingredients, will be served under the old mulberry tree. You will enjoy home-cooked meals, prepared in a clay pot over charcoal. Trust us; you will fall asleep like a child and wake up to a new day reborn. In addition to the new, fresh energy, you will take away a special gift.

Go Truffle Hunting

The vibrant Karst nature, intertwining with landscape of the Slovenian Istria, is fruitful throughout the year. As winter sets and autumn follows, we get excited about white truffles – one of the most prized and expensive gastronomic ingredients. In Villa ASA we will organise a unique and unforgettable experience: white truffle hunting! Join an experienced truffle hunter and explore the mystic Karst forests, building a genuine connection with nature and discovering the peculiarities of this specific type of “hunting.” Do you think you have the skills to be a truffle hunter? We promise you an adrenaline rush for all your senses. Hunting day will end with an outstanding dinner, at which the white truffle will reign the plates.

Discover the Beautiful Karst by Bicycle

Bicycle is always a good option to take care of your physical health. Embark on a cycling trip over the Karst groves, forest paths, over the hills and valleys to picturesque peaks and remarkable views. To discover the less known corners, you can join an excellent guide – a connoisseur of secrets and mysteries who will take you along the hidden paths of our ancestors. The guide will tell you captivating stories, explaining history and cultural heritage of our land. Meanwhile, we will ensure you are not hungry, surprising you with a tasty picnic with local delights that you will enjoy in a meadow in the cradle of intact nature.

The Miraculous Effect of Horses

Horseback riding builds self-confidence, as horses are sensitive, sympathetic and loving creatures that quickly bond with humans. In some way, riding horses unites freedom and beauty. Karst is the proud home to the Lipica stud farm – birthplace of all Lipizzaner horses. Is there a better way to explore the Karst countryside than in the saddle of a Lipizzaner? Riding among the vineyards, lavender plantations and observing the beautiful surroundings is an elegant experience. Breathe in the scents of nature, and listen to the sounds of trees and birds while you enjoy this one-of-a-kind dream ride. Looking from the saddle, you will see the villages, wine cellars and learn about the Karst heritage. We live in harmony with this beautiful animal; we can help you join a horse-riding course, offer advice in choosing dressage or cross-country riding, or arrange a carriage ride.

Fall in Love with Teran Vineyards

This one-of-a-kind wine experience will take you through the spectacular Karst vineyards, growing native varieties from which Teran and Vitovska Grganja are produced. The journey among the vineyards will surprise you with beautiful panoramic views over the surrounding hills while you will learn more about the process of traditional wine making. Kind-hearted locals will welcome you in their cellars, where you will immerse into the stories of wine and Karst history…And let us not skip wine tasting – after all, you will be in a winery.

Royal Treatment for Pets

Your pets are just as welcome as you are. In the property’s fenced park, they can move freely, jump around, explore, and have a wonderful time! In the evening, they will be exhausted from outdoor activities and fall asleep in the blink of an eye. Pets are our guests, and we treat them as such. Upon arrival, they receive a welcome treat. Comfortable beds and bowls are laid out for them. Upon your request, we serve them an organic dinner and are happy to provide day care. Villa ASA is a royal vacation for your pets, who might be just as sad to leave as you.