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Energy park

You will instantly feel extraordinary energy in Villa ASA Park. Both hosts and guests say that the feeling is different here: you will feel relaxed, joyful, and simply indescribable. It motivated the hosts to get in touch with Jože Munih – a renowned geomancer, dowser, and researcher of ancient sciences and healing springs. He thoroughly measured the energies in the park and concluded that the energy values of the property closely approximate the value of the energy points in Stonehenge. In some parts of the park, the values reach 600 million on Brown’s scale. The park features a distinctive energy path. The path begins with a Body-cleansing point, leading along the Spider’s trail to the circle with the cosmic energy points – Earth and Sky. The Tročan is the central and most powerful part of the park, where all three ends of the energy triangle connect. In its centre, the energy reaches up to 600 million points! Other two very significant points are Astral and Sky. They positively affect partnership and love, and newlyweds can choose this place to exchange their vows. The ancient Plough and Astral points are beneficial for women and fertility issues. Some energy points are hiding under the mulberry tree in the garden, where you can relax on cosy outdoor loungers and fill yourself with fresh energy. 

Energised Water

Another peculiarity of the park is the energetic red soil and energised water, which contains as many as 300,000 energy points. Both water and mud are part of our massage treatment, which has a soothing effect on the body while providing a healthy detox. It is almost impossible to describe how a person feels in this extraordinary corner of the earth. We explore the energies in more detail with the Crown of Healthy Energy programme, but you can enjoy them – feel and completely embrace them – anytime you visit us.