Simple and Tasty Home Cooking

The flavours you find here are the result of living in harmony with the natural environment and making friends with the neighbours. The Karst climate, nature, and love for the land all unite and create a unique culinary tale with the Zero Kilometre principle at its core. The dishes on our plates feature only organic ingredients, grown with the help of our own or our neighbours’ diligent hands. We are proud to have received the ECO certificate, which testifies that our produce is organic.

Focusing on Seasonal and Local Ingredients

We like to prepare dishes inspired by tradition, our grandparents’ recipes, and cultural elements of our land. The flavourful home cooking focuses on life in the countryside. Our meals combine freshly picked vegetables, fruit, and herbs from the garden. We do not use many ingredients; we pick those that grow during the current time of the year and have obtained the best possible flavour growing in perfect natural conditions. We mix them in a pot with gratitude, respect, and a pinch of carefully selected condiments to which we add a spoonful of love.

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In Villa ASA, bora dries the famous Karst prosciutto and olives, and hens lay green and red cholesterol-free eggs, freshly served every morning. We also turn to our neighbours to buy the things we do not produce ourselves – meat, for example.

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We keep in touch with the nearby fishermen who provide daily catch. A glass of local wine and stories of our winemaker friends accompany every meal. True gourmets will immediately sense the power of simple recipes and the flavours of fresh ingredients.

Professionally Personalised Diet

An excellent nutritionist will come to your aid to completely detox your body or enjoy a personalised diet. She will prepare a custom-made weekly menu full of substances that your body needs at the time.

Villa ASA offers authentic local gastronomy. Let the flavours blow you away!

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Suzana, the hostess, gives you 101 ways to eat homemade pasta. She loves to explore stew recipes, her specialty is the magic soup, and she never forgets about the traditional jota and minestrone. There will be no shortage of sweets – Suzana is a true artist in baking traditional Slovenian desserts. You can chat with her in the garden, where she lovingly tends to her plants and takes care of biodynamic cultivation.

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The host, André, is a grill master. He will grill fresh fish, a tasty Fiorentina steak or a juicy sword skewered Picanha. He is most excited to prepare the house specialty – main dish cooked in a clay pot over charcoal. When he is not in the kitchen, he will happily invite you for a walk in the forest to pick mushrooms or asparagus.

It is not just what we eat – it is where and how we eat that matters. The tables are set elegantly with unique hand-embroidered placemats.

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Energy-rich Breakfast

Each day in Villa ASA begins with the most important meal – a royal breakfast, which requires time. We serve a wide selection of delicious food and energised water. Every day we make a fresh smoothie with ingredients from our garden, homemade honey, jams, yoghurts, nuts, and other delights. Eggs laid by our hens are full of vitamins and minerals, and we serve them to you in a number of ways. In addition to tea and homemade juices, we will make coffee – a special blend made from Karst oak acorns.

Ritual of Tea Drinking

They say that for every illness exists a herb that is the cure, and we believe that it is true. The tea you will drink at Villa ASA is special. Most herbs are handpicked and used not only for tea but also for tinctures, hydrolates, fresh juices, herb baths, and body masks. We also give particular attention to the ritual of tea drinking: we drink it in the morning to wake up and cleanse our bodies, at noon to regenerate, in the afternoon to relax, and in the evening to guarantee us beautiful and peaceful dreams. We believe drinking tea has many positive effects on our bodies, especially when it becomes a ritual.

Small Indulgences throughout the Day

In addition to tea, fruit is always available here. Between the meals, you can enjoy a snack, a glass of homemade juice, wine or sparkling wine. We especially like pampering our guests with our house specialty – ASA chocolates.