Personalized well-being recovery program

Villa ASA is warmly welcoming you into our exclusive, family run tranquil estate. You are going to be well supported and guided by our highly skilled team who is solely dedicated to your recovery. We are there to help you experience and establish your personal well-being strategies.

As your exhaustion, overload, fatigue, numbness has been going on long enough without being properly addressed, it can easily be overlooked as a chronic stress syndrome or burnout. Certainly, there is the last place you want to end up being stacked. How about refresh and redirect you current state?

We are inviting you with open arms to start your journey back to balanced and energized well-being. Our experienced team is going to lead you back into increasing your own power, revive your own values and get in contact with your true self.

You have a great opportunity to dedicate your attention and discover what has contributed to your exhaustion and turn this around so it can serve and support you on your future endeavors.

Some time away from your usual way of doing, perceiving and thinking may just give you so much needed strength. Get in touch in natural tranquility, feeling calm and so peaceful that you can reconnect with your body, your feelings, recognize your inner dialogues. Simply absorb what is, right there, in the very precious moment in time.

ASA team is going to provide all the support and guide you back to who you are, to your values and strengths. In 3 weeks you will be able to connect to your inner compass, recognize what you are passionate about and feel how your energy level increases.

Discovering and reconnecting what lights you up, what you care about the most, gaining your strengths in your body and do what you love the most can feel you up with so much joy and fun, right?

A guided journey trough your values, your bevies, your sense of true self is going to be addressed at your own tempo. It can include some reflections, feedback and therapy approach so it is going to feel safe and compassionate journey to get your fire back.

As exhaustion has been building up on so many levels, we are going to take care of your bodily strengths as much as mental and psychological one. You are going to be invited in resetting your particular circumstances and de-clutter what does not support your values any longer.

Creating your own personal well-being strategies, resting and sleeping patterns and addressing your own boundaries can set such a valuable base for you. The tranquil greenery at Villa ASA is such a fabulous place to gather your strengths and get your smile back on your face.

Balance towards personal well-being practice may include strengths report in feedback setting. Based on your needs we are going to provide short impactful workshop. We believe in supporting you with focused, agreed upon goals that will be delivered by coaching or psychotherapy setting. Rest assured to be in good hands with professionals, trained in mindfulness and burnout mindset coaching and specialized in gestalt experiential psychotherapy.

As we care to support you after you return home, additional on-line therapy sessions are in place to assist you in implementing strategies to keep you energized, focused and mindful of your newly established, supportive practices.

Your confidential experience will be taken care from landing onwards.
The available private and comfortable serenity surroundings will be daily included in your program.

Please let us know your interest in discovering your very own journey towards well-being.
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