Would you like to learn the secrets of making Slovenian potica (traditional nut roll) and choose the right wine to pair with the sweet taste? Enter the magical world of Karst cuisine and discover the homemade preparation of delicious gnocchi, jota, and pasta with fresh green eggs.
Karst is one of Slovenia’s most beautiful landscapes. Like Tuscany and Provence, it is also among the most visited parts of Europe. Its many natural attractions entice visitors from all over the world.
The region is particularly recognisable for its beautiful hilly scenery, the fruitful Karst red soil where the Teran vine grows, and grand wine cellars. Its characteristic stone houses, the world-famous Škocjan and Postojna caves, white Lipizzaners, and incredibly friendly and hard-working inhabitants will surely impress you.
In the heart of the Karst, the luxurious Villa ASA is waiting just for you, offering endless relaxation. You will walk away full of energy and with new culinary experiences.